1.000 Scope

The purpose of this post is to promote The Acquivore Podcast.

1.001 Definitions

As used in this post—

Acquivore means an animal whose mental diet consists chiefly of Federal acquisition. The term includes acquiholics, acquiphiles, acquinauts, acquidemics, and acquimaniacs.

The Acquivore Podcast means a video podcast dedicated to learning about, discussing, and thinking about Federal acquisition.

1.002 Applicability

This post applies to all acquivores.

1.003 Policy

Acquivores shall, to the maximum extent practicable, tune in to The Acquivore Podcast to enhance their professional development.

1.004 Procedures

(a) Starting February 10, 2021, and continuing every other Wednesday thereafter, the acquivore shall—

(1) Watch The Acquivore Podcast live from 5:00pm to 7:00pm Pacific Time by going to http://donacquisition.adobeconnect.com/acquivorepodcast;

(2) Participate in discussions during The Acquivore Podcast; and

(3) Ask questions during The Acquivore Podcast.

(b) If an emergency or unanticipated event prevents the acquivore from watching The Acquivore Podcast live, the acquivore shall watch a recording of the podcast on Don Acquisition’s YouTube channel. The acquivore shall also like and subscribe to the channel.

(c) The acquivore may, at their discretion, earn a certificate for continuous learning points from The Acquivore Podcast, provided they—

(1) Provide advance notification of intent to earn a certificate no later than one calendar day prior to The Acquivore Podcast (don_at_donacquisition.com);

(2) Complete a research assignment; and

(3) Obtain a grade of 70% or higher on a 10-question multiple-choice quiz based on information in the research assignment.